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Long-Term Public Maintenance of Nicotiana Germplasm

NGPC Final Report

November 2021 Ref. NGPC-297

Genetic diversity within Nicotiana tabacum and related species has been essential for historical improvements in tobacco cultivars during the last 100 years. Continued progress from tobacco breeding is based upon the existence, maintenance, and use of genetic diversity within the genus Nicotiana. Public availability of this genetic variability should be considered of extremely high importance to the tobacco industry as further improvements in tobacco production efficiency are needed, as well as possible future modifications of chemical profiles of the tobacco plant. Reduced support from public institutions and governments for tobacco related activities during the last 20 years has made it difficult to maintain publicly available tobacco germplasm collections, however. Study of potential systems for long-term support of public Nicotiana germplasm maintenance is likely in the best interest of the tobacco industry.

This report covers the findings and recommendations of the Nicotiana Germplasm Collection (NGPC) Task Force for the long-term public maintenance of Nicotiana germplasm.