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Machine Vaping of Electronic Cigarettes - A Comparison of Puffing Regimes

EVAP - Published in Contributions to Tobacco & Nicotine Research - Volume 30, No. 3

July 2021 Ref. EVAP-088-CXP


Several machine-based puffing regimes for collection of e-cigarette aerosol were evaluated with the objective of recommending one regime for standardization. The study involved a comparison of several candidate regimes for which puff volume, duration, interval, profile shape, and puff number were defined and varied. Testing was conducted at four laboratories using seven e-cigarette test products. Each participating laboratory generated and analyzed aerosol from the test products for glycerin, propylene glycol, water, and nicotine using the candidate regimes. Results were compared within each product’s data set to understand the impact of the regimes on product yield, consistency of results, and reliability of the testing equipment. Each of the regimes evaluated was determined to be fit for purpose for the range of products tested. Based on specific selection criteria, the recommended collection parameters are a square-shaped 55-mL puff of 3 s duration with a puff frequency of one puff every 30 s. Standardized reporting parameters include aerosol collected mass (ACM), puff count, and e-cigarette weight loss along with analyte yield on a per-puff basis and total-puffs basis.