Upcoming Meetings

CORESTA Meetings

20187 May.
8 May.
Infestation Control Conference (ICC)
Winston-Salem, NC, USA
201822 Oct.
26 Oct.
CORESTA Congress
Kunming, China

Other Meetings

201816 Sep.
19 Sep.
72nd TSRC - Tobacco Science Research Conference
Memphis, TN, USA

CORESTA Working Group Meetings

201822 Jan.
23 Jan.
SG IVT - In Vitro Toxicity Testing
Southampton, UK
201831 Jan.SG GMO - Proficiency Testing for Detection of Transgenic Tobacco
York, UK
201827 Feb.
28 Feb.
Guangzhou, China
201810 Apr.SG BMK - Biomarkers
Geneva, Switzerland
201810 Apr.SG PUB - Product Use Behaviour
Geneva, Switzerland
201816 Apr.SG SMA - Smoking Analytes
Guildford, UK
201816 Apr.SG RAC - Routine Analytical Chemistry
Guildford, UK
201817 Apr.SG TTPA - Tobacco and Tobacco Products Analytes (formerly STS)
Guildford, UK
201818 Apr.SG EVAP - E-Vapour
Guildford, UK
201820 Apr.SG CSM - Cigar Smoking Methods
Cava de' Tirreni, Italy
20189 May.
10 May.
SG PSMST - Pest and Sanitation Management in Stored Tobacco
Winston-Salem, NC, USA
201824 May.SG PTM - Physical Test Methods
Vienna, Austria