CORESTA Members are companies, associations, institutes of all sizes. They are private or governmental organisations that have a scientific activity related to tobacco and tobacco products, from seed producers to analytical laboratories or suppliers of the industry, from corporate entities to one-person consulting offices.

Joining CORESTA gives a Member Organisation the opportunity to:

  • Belong to a worldwide community of scientists and experts dedicated to the tobacco and tobacco products.
  • Participate in study groups, collaborative work, joint experiments, proficiency tests; to bring expertise and capabilities in developing methods and guidance rules.
  • Have access to presentations as well as full texts of scientific papers that are not available to the general public.
  • Attend CORESTA yearly meetings and congresses at a reduced registration fee.
  • Elect or be elected representative in the Board and Scientific Commission, the leading bodies of the Association to orientate and monitor the scientific work of the working groups.

Each Member Organisation designates one Official Delegate as a contact to the General Secretariat, who will have the privilege of:

  • receiving the biennial Activity Report
  • attending the General Assembly
  • participating in the elections of the Board and Scientific Commission
  • participating in the elections to change statutes and rules.
  • circulating specific information within the Member Organisation

Each Member Organisation may designate as many participants as necessary in the working groups.

To join CORESTA:

Please find below a Membership Application form and the CORESTA Statutes and Rules for your information.