New CORESTA Website

CORESTA is pleased to present its new redesigned website.

The new website project has been divided into three development phases:

  • Phase 1: the public section.
  • Phase 2: the general private section.
  • Phase 3: the Sub-Groups, Task Forces and Committees private working section.

Phase 1 is complete. The online public section contains the following information and features:

  • A new graphic design.
  • All the information available on the former website.
  • Much of the information available on the former CORESTA CD-ROM.
  • Additional information about CORESTA.
  • Abstracts for which copyright has been obtained.
  • CORESTA meeting presentations with author permission to publish.
  • Lists of upcoming meetings.
  • A full search facility for the general website and the abstracts and documents section.
  • A specific search feature for the abstracts and documents section, complemented by a filter feature.

Phase 2 is under development and will include password access for CORESTA Member Organisation persons. Additional information will be made available together with extra practical features.

Phase 3 will be developed once Phase 2 is fully operational and will have a private section reserved for the work of Sub-Groups, Task Forces and Committees and accessible only by the members of these groups.

The website development is interlinked to the work of the CORESTA Standards Task Force and is evolving according to the redefined rules for study reporting, data collection, work procedures, document traceability and archiving, etc.. In addition, access rights to the future private section will require strict adherence to CORESTA rules in terms of membership.

The CORESTA website is a "work in progress" and no delivery dates are scheduled yet for Phase 2 and 3 in order that an appropriate functional tool may be delivered to the CORESTA membership. The first phase of development you are now browsing has been reviewed as much as possible but will no doubt require fine tuning so all comments, suggestions and bug reports are most welcome. Please send an email to

CORESTA believes that the new website will enhance users' browsing experience, enable easy accessibility to information, and support CORESTA's mission to be an authoritative source of publically available credible science and best practices by providing a transparent sustainable cooperation process within an increasingly digitalised environment.