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The Rationale and Strategy for Conducting In Vitro Toxicology Testing of Tobacco Smoke

IVT Report

June 2004

In January 2002 the CORESTA Scientific Commission requested the formation of a Task Force concerning the In Vitro Toxicity Testing of Tobacco Smoke. The mandate of the Task Force was twofold:

  1. To prepare a report covering the rationale and strategy for conducting in vitro toxicity testing of tobacco smoke.
  2. To identify key procedures based upon internationally recognized guidelines, adapted to accommodate the nature and unique properties of tobacco smoke.

This Task Force report achieves these objectives, and the Task Force recommendations have been designed to enable meaningful data to be produced using in vitro assays. However, interpretation of the biological significance of the in vitro data can only be done by considering all available chemical and biological data, and placing the data in the context of the product. Hence, the Task Force report does not provide interpretational guidance concerning the biological significance of in vitro results.

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