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A Review of Aerosol Exposure Systems Relative to the Analysis of Cytotoxicity

IVT Technical Report

July 2021 Ref. IVT-286-2-CTR

The In Vitro Toxicity Testing Sub-Group considered the evolving field of aerosol exposure research. Given the combination of exposure parameters and biological endpoints being deployed, it was considered a high priority to assess these systems and contextualize the responses obtained.

Twelve global companies met to discuss this topic and formulate an aligned approach. A detailed and comprehensive survey was conducted on over 40 parameters ranging from aerosol generation, dilution and data analysis across eight geographically independent laboratories.

The results from the survey provided awareness of the exposure systems, parameters and nuances, that may be of substantial benefit to scientists in intersecting fields and in the development of harmonized approaches.

Also published in Toxicology Research and Application - Volume 5 Issue, January-December 2021


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