Recommended Methods current

No. 81 - Routine Analytical Machine for E-Cigarette Aerosol Generation and Collection - Definitions and Standard Conditions

(CRM developed into ISO 20768)

June 2015

This Recommended Method includes the requirements found necessary for the generation and collection of e-cigarette aerosol for analytical testing purposes. This method is based on the findings reported in the CORESTA E-cigarette Task Force Technical Report, 2014 Electronic Cigarette Aerosol Parameters Study, March 2015.

This Method:

  • defines the parameters and specifies the standard conditions for the routine analytical generation and collection of aerosol from e-cigarettes;
  • specifies technical requirements for the routine analytical machine for e-cigarette aerosol generation and collection;
  • does not specify aerosol trapping nor subsequent sample preparation and analytical method analyses of components in the trapped aerosol or the gas phase;
  • may also be used for products if a specific method references this method.


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