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A survey of aerosol exposure systems relative to the analysis of cytotoxicity: A Cooperation Centre for Scientific Research Relative to Tobacco (CORESTA) perspective

IVT - Published in Toxicology Research and Application - Volume 5:1-13 (2021)

July 2021 Ref. IVT-286-1-CXP


During a Cooperation Centre for Scientific Research Relative to Tobacco (CORESTA) meeting, the in vitro toxicity testing Sub-Group (IVT SG) met to discuss the evolving field of aerosol exposure research. Given the diversity of exposure parameters and biological endpoints being used, it was considered a high priority to investigate and contextualise the responses obtained. This is particularly driven by the inability to compare between studies on different exposure systems due to user preferences and protocol differences. Twelve global tobacco and contract research companies met to discuss this topic and formulate an aligned approach on how this diverging field of research could be appropriately compared. Something that is becoming increasingly important, especially in the light of more focused regulatory scrutiny. A detailed and comprehensive survey was conducted on over 40 parameters ranging from aerosol generation, dilution and data analysis across eight geographically independent laboratories. The survey results emphasise the diversity of in vitro exposure parameters and methodologies employed across the IVT SG and highlighted pockets of harmonisation. For example, many of the biological protocol parameters are consistent across the Sub-Group. However, variables such as cell type and exposure time remain largely inconsistent. The next steps for this work will be to map parameters and system data against biological findings and investigate whether the observed inconsistencies translate into increased biological variability. The results from the survey provide improved awareness of parameters and nuances, that may be of substantial benefit to scientists in intersecting fields and in the development of harmonised approaches.


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