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Task Force on Roll-Your-Own (Fine-Cut) Tobacco (1999)

Final Report


This report provides details of the technical studies carried out by the Task Force on Roll-Your-Own (Fine-Cut) Tobacco established by CORESTA, to meet the following defined objectives:

  1. To document how RYO smokers in different countries make their cigarettes.
  2. To establish the effects of materials and cigarette design on particulate matter and nicotine yields of RYO cigarettes.
  3. To make recommendations to the Smoke Study Group on the relevance to the consumer of proposed standard procedures.
  4. To consider the establishment of a recommended method to give meaningful comparisons among fine-cut tobaccos or fine-cut smoking articles (FCSAs).

The work carried out meets the first three of these objectives, and provides the basis for a standard method in line with the fourth.

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