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University of Kentucky Cigar Reference Products - 2021 Analysis

TTPA Technical Report

September 2021 Ref. TTPA-282-CTR

In October 2020, an interlaboratory study was initiated to characterize four reference cigars manufactured by the University of Kentucky Center for Tobacco Reference Products (CTRP) for unburned analytes and measures. The participating laboratories reported nicotine, tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs), moisture (oven volatiles), pH, ammonia, water activity, arsenic, and cadmium in the unburned cigars primarily using CORESTA Recommended Methods (CRMs). All analyses included the wrapper/binder and filler from the cigars.

Data were statistically evaluated in basic conformance with the recommendations of ISO 13528:2015.  Additionally, z-scores were calculated.

The results of this study suggest the cigar reference products tested are suitable for use in collaborative studies, except one product, which is currently not suitable for filler ammonia, pH, and TSNA.

It is recommended that reference product manufacturers take steps during manufacturing to ensure reference products are homogeneous across the entire lot. It is also recommended that homogeneity testing on the finished lot is performed for the full range of constituents/measures.