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Use of Capillary GC Columns for the Determination of Water in Cigarette Mainstream Smoke

RAC Technical Report

March 2018 Ref. RAC-157-CTR

Revision of the ISO standard for the determination of water in cigarette mainstream smoke condensates (ISO 10362-1:1999), using ISO smoking regime (ISO 3308) was launched in April 2017. The main reason for the revision was that only packed gas chromatography (GC) columns were mentioned in the existing ISO 10362-1 standard, even though some laboratories have capillary GC columns in use.

Comparison of results obtained with packed and capillary GC columns were already available from collaborative studies carried out by the European Collaborative Study (EUCS), Asia Collaborative Study (ACS) and CORESTA. The present CORESTA report provides the statistical analysis of the results obtained by the Routine Analytical Chemistry (RAC) Sub-Group in the frame of the CORESTA Monitor No. 8 (CM8) collaborative study 2017.

On the basis of the data for CM8, the results obtained with capillary columns for the determination of water in cigarettes smoke condensates are not statistically different from the results obtained with packed columns, using the conditions provided in ISO 10362-1:1999. The results were presented to the ISO Technical Committee 126 in November 2017.


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