Who we are


To be recognised by our members and relevant external bodies as an authoritative source of publically available, credible science and best practices related to tobacco and its derived products.


CORESTA (Centre de Coopération pour les Recherches Scientifiques Relatives au Tabac / Cooperation Centre for Scientific Research Relative to Tobacco) is an association founded in 1956, ruled by French law, the purpose being to promote international cooperation in scientific research relative to tobacco and its derived products.

CORESTA Full Members are organisations (companies, institutes, laboratories, associations) having R&D activities related to tobacco or its derived products (including e-vapour products), whether in the plant field (agronomy, breeding, phytopathology) or in the fields of manufacturing, chemistry, metrology, or materials (paper, filters, aerosols, etc.).

CORESTA membership was 24 upon foundation, 117 in 1976, and at the end of the 57th Financial Year on 31 March 2013 there were 176 organisations listed as Full Members. At the 2012 CORESTA General Assembly, a new membership structure was approved that saw the grouping of Member Organisations into either Independents or Groups with Sub-Member Organisations. The implementation of the new system in April 2013 reduced the number of Full Member Organisations to 132, with a number of former Full Member Organisations having been assimilated into their respective Group members.

At present, the number of Full Members stands at 158. Their geographical spread and activity categorisation are as follows:

These organisations are headquartered in over 41 countries, and represented in over 50 through their CORESTA registered subsidiaries and affiliates.

CORESTA organises yearly meetings in which scientific papers are presented, as well as reports and results of studies and surveys.

CORESTA is a liaison member of the ISO/TC 126 (Technical Committee on Tobacco and Tobacco Products), and numerous CORESTA members have delegates in their national standard organisations and participate in or lead TC126 working groups. CORESTA is a liaison member of the CEN/TC 437 (Technical Committee on Electronic Cigarettes and E-liquids) and has representatives in this Committee. The Secretary General is a participating member of the AFNOR Mirror Committee V37B on Tobacco and Tobacco Products.


Other information

The official language of CORESTA is English. Admission as a member of CORESTA is dependent on approval by the Board. Any requests for further information should be addressed to the CORESTA Secretariat (see the link Join CORESTA).