CORESTA Meeting, Smoke Science/Product Technology, 2017, Kitzbühel, STW 03

Cigar tobacco and its required quality

Universal Leaf Tobacco Company, Inc., Oxford, NC, U.S.A.

Some believe tobacco is tobacco, however there are significant genetic, physiological, and phenotypic differences across the tobacco types, as well as how and where the respective tobacco types are grown, managed, and ultimately used. For cigar tobacco the goal is perfection: create the “perfect” field; cure the “perfect” leaf; and deliver a final product that is “perfect.” Therefore the utmost care is given to most cigar tobacco from field to packed bale. This presentation will give a brief introduction of the following: cigar tobacco definitions; major differences in production practices; impact of quality; challenges in crop protection and quality; differences between cigars and cigarettes; and differences among cigars.