Agronomy & Leaf Integrity

The Agronomy and Leaf Integrity Study Group is concerned with the broad and all-encompassing role agronomy, and agronomists, play in modern tobacco production and in meeting the expectations of stakeholders. It is involved in the scientific study of the production of all types of tobacco leaf. This embraces all crop management practices including propagation, cultivation, harvesting and curing, storage, and environmental factors that influence yield and usability. It further incorporates the principles of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) that lead to efficient, sustainable tobacco production and leaf supply. The Study Group’s focus continues to expand into the areas of environment, social, and governance (ESG), and agronomic issues related to conventional and next generation products.

In the Press: CORESTA Agronomy Study Group (Tobacco Journal International Oct/Nov 2011)


AA - Agrochemicals Analysis - 1972


  1. To perform regular proficiency testing of Multi-Residue Methods for the analysis of agrochemical residues on tobacco.
  2. To undertake joint experiments to resolve unanswered questions arising from proficiency tests; to expand knowledge base on agrochemical residues and their analysis.
  3. To produce and maintain a series of Technical Notes (on different agrochemical residue classes and selected individual compounds) to supplement the Technical Guideline and aid method development and improvement.

PSMST - Pest and Sanitation Management in Stored Tobacco - 1993


  1. To educate about, and promote best Integrated Pest Management practices for post-harvested tobacco worldwide.
  2. To conduct collaborative studies on pest control and sanitation practices for post-harvested tobacco.
  3. To investigate new technologies and issues related to infestation control in post-harvested tobacco.

TSNA - TSNA in Air-cured and Fire-cured Tobacco - 2006


  1. To determine proper placement of data loggers in curing barns to best represent the true curing conditions within the barn and produce a CORESTA Guide on data logger placement and calibration.
  2. Sampling (a) To define proper sampling method of post-cure tobacco for TSNA determination. (b) To determine the optimal method for sample preparation for TSNA determination.
  3. To collect available TSNA presentations and papers and publish them on the CORESTA website.

RFT - Agrochemical Residue Field Trials - 2012


  1. In consultation with ACAC, to prepare and maintain a list of agrochemicals necessary to sustain successful leaf production and for which GRLs have to be set or reviewed.
  2. To produce a formal protocol for trial and testing procedures.
  3. To promote participation in this programme globally.
  4. To collate results of trials done under the formal protocol and make them available to ACAC.
  5. To collect already available field residue trial data from various sources and make them available to ACAC.

Task forces

SUST - Sustainability in Leaf Tobacco Production - 2012 - 2016


  1. To identify key issues for sustainability in tobacco leaf production.
  2. To review, update and complement CORESTA Guide No. 3, considering sustainability Principles and/or Best Practice.
  3. To identify tools to support the achievement of sustainability in tobacco production.

Work completed - DISBANDED June 2016

GTS - Green Tobacco Sickness - 2022


  1. To determine if green tobacco sickness is a significant risk to workers based upon tobacco type and style, method of harvest and conditions at harvest and topping.
  2. To assess the impact of personal protection equipment (PPE) on preventing green tobacco sickness.