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The website is edited by CORESTA, an association founded in 1956, ruled by French law, promoting and facilitating international cooperation in scientific research relative to tobacco and its derived products, located 11 rue du Quatre Septembre, 75002 PARIS (France), represented by its Secretary General, Dr Stéphane COLARD.


The website is developed, hosted and maintained by Mamasam, SARL with assets of 11,433€, located 48, avenue de la République, 94300 VINCENNES (France), registered at RCS CRÉTEIL on the number B 428 815 708, represented by its Managing Director, Mr Bertrand MANSION.

Intellectual Property Rights

The website, including all of its contents (databases, texts, still or animated images), are protected by the intellectual property law and notably by Articles L.112-2 ff and L.341-1 of the intellectual property code.

Beyond strictly personal and private use, the right to consult, to reproduce, or to publicly use the contents present on the site has been obtained from the editor only for use in a non-profit and educational setting. All aforementioned uses do not entail the transfer of intellectual property rights for the content used.

Any use of the website for collective purposes beyond the aforementioned uses, requires the express written permission of the website editor or the various authors or assigns specified under each image on the website.

Where the Members' password protected section is concerned, information published in this section is strictly reserved for persons with authorised access and may not to be disclosed to non-Members. Members having a specific need for this content for use in non-CORESTA activities must request prior approval by the CORESTA Board, via the General Secretariat.

Violation of these clauses exposes the offender, and all those responsible, to sanctioned civil and criminal legal proceedings under a charge of forgery (Article L.335-2 ff of the intellectual property code).

The website in its entirety is protected under French and international legislation on copyright and intellectual property rights.

Individual data

For individual activity within CORESTA and website access management, we collect and keep the following information. Elements marked with a * are required for this purpose. Other information is optional.

  • Surname* and Given name*
  • Organisation*, Position
  • Contact details: address, phone, fax, mobile, Email*
  • Password (defined by user, not known by CORESTA)
  • Participation in CORESTA groups when relevant
  • Attendance at CORESTA events
  • History within CORESTA
  • Photo

We are committed to store your personal data safely and never share it with third parties for marketing purposes. However, we may need to share part of your data with other members and partners when necessary for the purposes of our activity, the organization of events, administrative and legal requirements, and security reasons.

To have access to, update or delete any of this information, click here.

Membership data

For Membership management, we additionally collect and maintain the following information:

  • Member-Organisation name*, number*, address*, phone number, website and core activity
  • Official Delegate’s name*
  • Invoicing information*
  • Organisation description
  • History with CORESTA*
  • Subsidiaries (in case of a group*)

Privacy Statement

Extract from the CORESTA Internal Rules [Article 9: Competition law compliance policy - June 2022]:

"The policy of CORESTA, as an international voluntary association whose purpose is to promote and facilitate international cooperation in scientific research and best practices relative to tobacco and its derived products, is to strictly comply with the applicable laws of the Republic of France as well as the Competition laws of the European Union, and other national laws which may apply to CORESTA activities. Recognizing that, the following rules apply to all activities conducted by CORESTA:

  1. There shall be no agreement, communication or other exchange of information concerning Members' prices, terms or conditions of purchase or sale, commercial plans or strategies, or other competitive or commercial information of a similar nature.
  2. There shall be no agreement, communication or exchange of statistical information concerning sales or purchases of goods or services, exports or imports, or similar information relating to Members' commercial activities unless it is in connection with the compilation of aggregate statistics, in which case there must be at least three contributors to the database and the data shall be amalgamated by an independent party.
  3. There shall be no communication or exchange of confidential or proprietary information, such as trade secrets or other competitively sensitive information. Information provided in connection with the activities of a Study Group, Sub-Group, Task Force or other CORESTA body shall be available to all participants.
  4. When a CORESTA Study Group, Sub-Group, Task Force or other CORESTA body is engaged in a project which involves the generation or compilation of information concerning products or services, such as studies of harvesting and curing technology, pollution control technology, biotechnology, phytopathology, crop characteristics or the development of recommended test methods, any person or entity which has an economic interest in the product or service involved shall be permitted to provide the relevant CORESTA body with such information.

The intent of the above-mentioned rules is to ensure that no concerted practice or agreement, whether express or tacit, that has the prevention, restriction or distortion of competition as its object or effect shall arise from any CORESTA activity. The person presiding over each CORESTA meeting or activity, such as Presidents of Study Groups, Coordinators of Sub-Groups and Task Forces, shall have full authority and responsibility to enforce these rules at each CORESTA meeting and shall notify the Secretary General of any question concerning compliance."



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