CORESTA Congress, Shanghai, 2008, SSPTPOST 09

Comparison of natural porous and perforated tipping paper: effect on harmful smoke deliveries

JIN Yong; TAN Haifeng; YIN Donghong; LIU Jianfu; WANG Shitai; FAN Hongmei; LIU Bin
China Tobacco Hunan Industrial Corporation, Changsha, Hunan, China.

The effect of natural porous tipping paper on reducing harmful smoke was investigated, compared with electric spark discharge preperforated tipping (ESP) and Hauni online laser perforated tipping (online laser perforated). The experiments were based on a 84 mm cigarette with 25 mm filter and 30 mm tipping. The hole size of the three tipping papers was examined by SEM. The natural porous tipping had the smallest hole ranging from 22.8 µm x 13.43 µm to 9.00 µm x 6.02 µm. The hole of ESP and online laser perforated were uniform. Their mean size was 41.90 µm x 41.31 µm and 189.64 µm x 146.67 µm, respectively. The tar, nicotine, CO, TSNAs, phenols and HCN deliveries of the prepared cigarettes were determined. At the ventilation rate below 30%, tar, nicotine, CO, TSNAs, phenols and HCN of all the samples decreased with the increase of ventilation rate. But the natural porous tipping was significantly more effective on tar, CO, TSNAs, phenols and HCN reduction than the two other tipping papers. Furthermore, it provided the lowest CO/Tar ratio. In addition, natural porous tipping showed low nicotine reduction, which was lower than ESP, but similar to online laser perforated tipping paper, resulting in the highest Nicotine/Tar ratio.