TSRC, Tob. Sci. Res. Conf., 2022, 75, abstr. 136

Consumer-reported outcome measure (CROM) guidelines with respect to descriptive-CROM for research on tobacco and nicotine-containing products

WEI Lai(1) on behalf of the CROM Task Force: SARKAR M.(1); CLERC E.(2); CHREA C.(2); SHETTY M.(3); PRASAD K.(3); KIM M.(4); GOLDENSON N.(5)
(1) Altria Client Services, Richmond, VA, USA; (2) PMI R&D, Philip Morris Products S.A., Neuchâtel, Switzerland; (3) British American Tobacco, Southampton, UK; (4) RAI Services Company, Winston-Salem, NC, USA; (5) Juul Labs, Washington, DC, USA

The Consumer Reported Outcome Measures (CROM) Consortium Task Force (TF), consisting of members from seven tobacco manufacturing companies, was formed in 2018 within the Cooperation Centre for Scientific Research Relative to Tobacco (CORESTA). The primary objective of the CROM TF is to provide guidance on how to develop, validate, select, access, and use CROM to evaluate tobacco and nicotine-containing products (TNP). Working Group 04, as one of the CROM TF working groups, was established in 2020 to focus specifically on the development of recommendations and definitions related to Descriptive-CROM. Descriptive-CROM are self-reported survey items that directly measure individual characteristics and observable behaviors, such as demographic characteristics and patterns of tobacco product use. The guidelines include recommendations for the following: (1) foundational definitions including tobacco product classifications and use behavior definitions (e.g., dual/poly usage, initiation and cessation); (2) best practices for Descriptive-CROM based on existing survey items from a review of 15 national and international surveys that include modules to assess TNP (e.g., TNP consumption measures); (3) CROM development, modification and adaptation (e.g., type and extent of modifications, qualitative and quantitative assessments); and (4) general methodological considerations for survey design and data analysis. The CROM guidelines with respect to Descriptive-CROM will be published in 2023. Additionally, optimal survey questionnaire items, conditions and context of their use will be summarized to create a publicly available knowledge repository. The repository will facilitate the access, development and use of Descriptive-CROM for research on tobacco and nicotine-containing products. This presentation will focus on the recommendations regarding the development and implementation of Descriptive-CROM, based on the general framework presented at TSRC last year.