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51st TWC, Tob. Work. Conf., 2024, abstr. 04

CORESTA strategy, cooperation, achievements and perspectives

CORESTA, 11 rue du Quatre Septembre, Paris, France

The mission of CORESTA is to promote and facilitate international cooperation and best practices in scientific research relative to tobacco and its derived products. Solidly based governance rules are defined and published to optimally fulfil this mission, and responsibilities are delegated by a General Assembly to a Board and a Scientific Commission.

The vision of CORESTA is to be recognised as an authoritative source of publicly available, credible science and best practices. In 2023, hundreds of scientists from 168 organisations and 43 countries are cooperating in working groups to develop consensual methods, tools and guidelines, and to conduct collaborative studies.

A Strategy House composed of four strategic areas, eight strategic subjects and 16 workstreams has been implemented with the objective to efficiently identify and drive key activities. A circular process of cooperation has also been deployed to prioritize, monitor and report progress on projects, to debate and align contributors’ views, and to inform stakeholders. Such a framework leads to the production and publication of an impressive number of quality materials on a wide range of topics.

This presentation will describe and illustrate the Strategy House, the collaborative framework, the 5-year plan and 2-year expected deliverables, the main achievements over the last three years and the perspectives.