Bull. Spec. CORESTA Congress, Lisbon, 2000, p. 104, APOST3

Effects of different chemical suckercides on Burley tobacco yield

Guilan Tobacco Research Center, Rasht, Iran.
Three suckercides were compared for their efficiency in an experiment: Sucker Out, pendimethalin (Stomp) and flumetralin 125 EC. The trial was conducted with five following treatments: 1) flumetralin 125 EC: 15 ml per plant of a solution with 1.35 % concentration; 2) Sucker-Out: solution with 4 % concentration, 15 ml per plant 7 -10 days after flumetralin usage; 3) Sucker-Out: 4% solution 15 ml per plant; 4) pendimethalin: solution with 1% ingredient 15 ml per plant; 5) control without suckering and control agent. The trial design was randomised complete blocks, with 4 replicates, and tobacco cultivar was Burley 21. When 60% of flowers appeared inflorescences were cut, and next day the treatments were used. The following factors were evaluated: number of suckers per plot, and their fresh weights, fresh yield, dry yield, and value. The provided data showed that treatment two was better than the others, there were significant differences between treatment 2 with others from the point of view of fresh and dry yield value per hectar, and number of suckers.