6th Bergerac Tobacco Scientific Meeting, 2005, p. 19-22.

National list of varieties, seed certification, plant breeder's rights : role and legal bases, application to tobacco

GEVES, France
This quick review of the regulations applicable on varieties and seeds shows that there is no obstacle for Tobacco varieties to be protected using the UPOV (=Union International pour la protection des obtentions Végétales) system. The breeder must analyze the benefit he can expect knowing that the varieties are mainly hybrid and that the seed production concerns a small acreage limiting the risk of piracy. On the other side, through this system, a description is available in a context where an official listing system seems not very efficient. About evaluation of the varieties, more benefit can be expected through a system based on a professional organization than an official system which would never be applicable to all varieties used within the EU market. Control of seed quality based on ISTA (=International Seed Testing Association) rules would be a good basis to clarify the relations between the actors of the Tobacco production.