CORESTA Meeting, Smoke Science/Product Technology, 2011, Graz, STPOST 01

Nicotine and NFDPM yield variation of individual cigarettes under ISO smoking regime

(1) SEITA, Imperial Tobacco Group, Fleury-les-Aubrais, France; (2) Imperial Tobacco Limited, Bristol, UK

Nicotine and tar yields in cigarette smoke are measured on the basis of international standards ISO 10315 and ISO 4387, respectively. The standards describe methods to determine yields of nicotine and tar in mainstream cigarette smoke condensate based on smoking five (linear smoking machine) or twenty (rotary smoking machine) cigarettes per replicate under the standard smoking regime. The accuracy of the tar and nicotine values on packets are verified in accordance with ISO Standard 8243. Confidence intervals around yields required for nicotine and NFDPM are ±20% when sampling at one point in time. As there are no yield variability data on single cigarettes, the aim of this study was to study nicotine and tar yield in single cigarettes of ten commercial brands (from 1 to 10 mg of tar/cig), and to compare the data with the data obtained by the normal procedure under ISO conditions using a linear smoking regime.