CORESTA Congress, Berlin, 2016, Smoke Science/Product Technology Groups, ST 16 (also presented at TSRC 2016)

Tease tipping: to protect and to attract

TANNPAPIER GmbH, Traun, Austria

The generation of open windows on the tipping paper represents a smart way for the extraordinary realisation of ventilated filter cigarettes. During a sophisticated die-cutting process, accurate laser application or mechanical punching technology on the tipping paper surface provokes the formation of macroscopic perforation holes on the millimetre scale with unlimited possibilities with respect to dimensions and geometries. The stabilities of hole parameters, air permeabilities and cigarette design properties like filter ventilation and pressure drop by using open windows are comparable to the standard pre-perforation techniques of electrostatic and laser perforation. Cigarettes made with tease tipping also reveal the same efficiency in ventilation rates and smoke yields reduction as conventionally perforated cigarettes due to the controlled, undisturbed air flow through the customised ventilation zone. The first goal of the present study was to demonstrate tease tipping as an alternative method to dilute cigarette smoke by conducting a physical and chemical analysis of specifically designed cigarette samples. The second part of this study refers to visual benefits of window shape variations. Die-cut windows on the tipping paper provide a perfect view of special cigarette filter features such as segment, chamber, charcoal or coloured plug wrap. In conclusion: tease tipping comprises the outstanding option to combine technical cigarette functionalities, compliance with tobacco regulations and appealing design features.