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  1. CROM Symposium, Online, 2020, CROM 01

    A consortium approach for consumer-reported outcome measures for assessing tobacco and nicotine-containing products

    ACQUADRO C.(1); AFOLALU E.F.(2); BLACK R.A.(3); CAHOURS X.(4); CHREA C.(2); CLERC E.(2); CURTIN G.(5); EVANS S.(6); GILES L.(7); MacCAFFREY S.(3); PARK H.(8); PRASAD K.(9); SARKAR M.(10); SHIFFMAN S.(11); WEI Lay(10)
    (1) ICON PLC, Lyon, France; (2) Philip Morris Products SA, Switzerland; (3) JUUL Labs, Inc., USA; (4) Imperial Brands, France; (5) RAI Services Company, USA; (6) Turning Point Brands, USA; (7) JT International SA, Switzerland; (8) KT&G Research Institute, Republic of Korea; (9) British American Tobacco, U.K.; (10) Altria Client Services, USA; (11) Pinney Associates, USA
    The continuum of risk of tobacco products is generally accepted among public health authorities, where combustible products like cigarettes are the most risky and noncombustible products are at the lower end of the continuum. Adult smokers (AS)...
  2. CROM Symposium, Online, 2020, CROM 03

    Use of qualitative research to ensure we measure what matters to users of tobacco and/or nicotine products

    AFOLALU E.F.(1); CLERC E.(1); ABETZ-WEBB L.(2); CHREA C.(1)
    (1) Philip Morris Products SA, Neuchatel, Switzerland; (2) Patient-Centered Outcomes Assessments, Ltd, Cheshire, UK
    Cigarette smoking has a profound impact not on only physiological health but also perceived health and quality of life. There is currently a public health focus on cigarette smokers who switch to alternative smoke-free tobacco and nicotine-containing...
  3. CROM Symposium, Online, 2020, CROM 05

    Establishing traceability of self-reported dependence measurement through the use of crosswalks

    (1) WU Wien (University of Economics and Business), Institute for Statistics and Mathematics, Austria; (2) Modus Outcomes, UK; (3) Patient-Centered Outcomes Assessments, UK; (4) PMI R&D, Philip Morris Products S.A., Switzerland; (6) Rose Research Center, LLC, USA
    Measurement in the social sciences has been characterized by deficient justification and underdeveloped conceptual theories. Instruments supposed to measure the same measurand typically do not provide comparable measurements. From the perspective of...